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Talking about folklore, we talk about the people of the world, the history, traditions, thousand and thousand of years of culture of so many different nations that live on this planet.. Different from country to country but united in one wish, to preserve their own culture of folklore and present it worldwide in the best light in front of other countries, so, the best way to do it is the participation / competition on the International folklore events that we organize across the world...

Our organization have a long tradition of organizing of International Folklore, Choir and Modern dance festivals in all European countries and wider, for 4 years consecutive we are the organizers of the biggest and most visited international folklore festival in Barcelona, traditionally held every year in the beginning of July,

In the city of Rimini, world` s most visited summer touristic destination, we are the only one foreign organization that have the regular license and support of touristic and cultural association that can held the annual, traditional, international folklore festival in the heart of the city of Rimini,

We are particularly proud on our tradition in the city of Thessaloniki, where we were the first in absolute foreign organization that created and held the international folklore festival, and so many other events across the Europe as “Moonlight in Prague”, “Moonlight in Rome”, “Moonlight in Paris” and other of our events that you can find in the list.:

Every year, trough different months of the year we held our international folklore, choir and modern dance events in the different locations of the world, connecting the people, sharing the friendship, creating the spectacles which gathers the thousands of visitors, because the folklore is one of the most beautiful arts in the world.

We do not put any limits on the age of participants, on our folklore festivals participate the children, adults and veterans of folk dances, and all of them get one particular place in the pages of Moonlight Events Organization, in the cities they visited and in the history of folkloric culture that will last forever.

We do not put neither any limits on the number of participants, everyone who choose this lifestyle, should have the occasion to show their skill in front of the audience that respect their hard work.

For more details regarding the international events that we organize, visit our multimedia gallery, and write us the email, we are at your disposition for any question you might have for us,

Faithfully yours,

Moonlight Events Organization team

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Folklore festivals in Greece Greece
Thessaloniki 15-20.07.2019.

Folklore festivals in Greece

Well, we from Moonlight Events Organization are emotionally linked with this extraordinary country that have one of the oldest cultures in the world.. Our first international folklore festival we organized right here, in the city of Thessaloniki, with the splendid local people that helped us a lot on our first international project, we worked all like one to succeed in this opera...

Thessaloniki is wonderful city on the Aegean sea, full of life day and night, you can buy good Gyros on every step, excellent hotels, restaurants, pubs, and of course traditional Sirtaki and Bouzouki show is absolutely not to miss.

Folklore festivals in Athens
Folklore festivals in Italy Italy
Venice 01–04.05.2019.
Rome 26-30.07.2019.
Rimini 01-06.08.2019.

Folklore festivals in Italy

If we start with detailed description of Italy, we will write several books instead of website description.. Italians are awesome people, so friendly that you have the feeling that everybody are cousins and one big family..

They love to eat well, drink good vine, sing and dance.. So many extraordinary folklore festivals we already organized across the Italy, in Rome, Rimini, Venice etc. Every time when we came again to Italy, we feel enthusiastic, and every time we leave Italy we feel melancholic..

If the paradise on earth exist, we would call it – Italy..

Folklore festivals in Rome
Folklore festivals in France France
Paris 07-10.08.2018.

Folklore festivals in France

France, with its splendid beauty, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, attracting more than 80 million tourists each year. Moonlight Events Organization organized many great international folklore festivals in the heart of Paris, and we continue the tradition every year..

French folklore is not the strong point of the France, but who cares about that when the Paris, Nice, Saint Tropez, Cote d'Azur and other places are on the “Must see” list of every human on the earth. And yes, French vine, cheese and foie gras are also reasons to find a good restaurant outside of the cities and enjoy the life..

Folklore festivals in Paris
Folklore festivals in Germany France

Folklore festivals in Germany

Maybe that the stronghold of the German folklore isn`t it`s capital, but region of Bavaria, where are concentrated the most of German folklore ensembles and associations, but in Berlin is the tradition of organizing of several most important international folklore festivals, of which one is also the annual folklore festival organized by the Moonlight Events Organization.

Who love beer will come to Munich in October, who love folklore will visit the festival organized by Moonlight Events.

Folklore festivals in Berlin
Folklore festivals in the Netherland The Netherland

Folklore festivals in the Netherland

The country of tulips, windmills, clogs and democracy in every sense.

Situated in the north of Europe, with it`s capital – Amsterdam, the city of many controversy.. Netherland was the break trough of the Moonlight Events Organization to the north of Europe since 2012, where we organized several international folklore, and choir festivals..

Folklore festivals in Amsterdam
Folklore festivals in Spain Spain
Barcelona 05-10.07.2019.

Folklore festivals in Spain

When we think about Spain, we usually think about traditional Spanish folk dance – Flamenco, or maybe Corrida (Bullfight), colorful traditional costumes, but Spain is much more than that. The home of some of the most important world`s artists, with a very old culture, Spain have a particular spirit, and people who care about their tradition that you can admire trough countless monuments of art as Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

The people are very pleasant, polite, friendly, living a smooth life and enjoying every day of it with no hurry and stress.
If you ask for a good reason to visit Spain, well, there is no enough space to describe it here, but just few to mention: Beautiful beaches, good food, many things “must see”, extraordinary nightlife, good hotels and of course the folklore, choir and modern dance festivals organized by the Moonlight Events Organization, nothing more needed for the perfect vacation..

Folklore festivals in Madrid
Folklore festivals in Portugal Portugal

Folklore festivals in Portugal

The most distant European country on the west of Europe, Portugal, on the coastline of the Atlantic ocean, have old culture and tradition, not only by sailors and fishermans, but also in folklore dances as well known Fandango.

In recent years the most visited cities of the world was also the Lisbon and Porto. We will be glad to guide you trough this mystic, sunny country, that once was the strong empire..

Folklore festivals in Lisabon
Folklore festivals in Serbia Serbia
Belgrade 17-20.08.2018.

Folklore festivals in Serbia

Home sweet home.. Serbia is one small, pretty, rich in natural beauties and resources, friendly country, home of “Cevapi”, “Rakija” and Moonlight Events Organization. You will surprise your self if you find out how many folklore ensembles are in Serbia. We here have a very old tradition that we jealously preserve. As the priority, Serbians put on the first place good food, good drink and good music.

So, you don` t need to be surprised if you enter in some tavern alone, and you exit with several friends that invite you to their homes for overnight. Serbian hospitality is world wide famous, that can confirm many people that came once here, and after that settled their homes in Serbia..

Folklore festivals in Belgrade
Folklore festivals in Romania Romania

Folklore festivals in Romania

Not many of them really know how much Romanian people keep for their tradition, art and culture.. Romania is not only the home of “Dracula” as many foreigners think, even if the Castel of Vlad Tepes “Bran” is something so extraordinary that we suggest to everyone to visit once in the lifetime..

Their music is extremely live, quick, amusing, Romanians are very friendly people, that live for good entertainment.. Moonlight Events Organization have the tradition of organizing the annual international folklore festivals in Romania.

Folklore festivals in Bucharest
Folklore festivals in Bulgaria Bulgaria

Folklore festivals in Bulgaria

Nature friendly state with myriad of folklore groups named “Chitalishte”.. We saw so many of their ensembles that we thought that all Bulgaria dance folklore dances..

One of the first international folklore festivals we held in Sofia, and from ever since, we keep the tradition of organizing folklore festivals every year in Bulgaria..

Folklore festivals in Sofia
Folklore festivals in Hungary Hungary
Budapest 24-27.08.2018.

Folklore festivals in Hungary

Hungary have it` s borders with so many countries as: Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Austria.. So, there is the big possibility that all of you at least once stopped here on your route to other destinations. Hungarians have the old culture and tradition of folklore dances, who did not already heard for “ Csardas”..

Budapest is one amazing city, actually it is two cities united in one: Buda and Pest. Moonlight Events Organization traditionally organize every year the International Folklore Festival in Budapest.

Folklore festivals in Budapest
Folklore festivals in Turkey Turkey
Istanbul 21–25.08.2019.

Folklore festivals in Turkey

You think your country have more folklore ensembles than Turkey? ... You` re wrong.

Turkish people love to dance, love to travel, love to eat good, and they take it serious. Istanbul is one very old and mystic city, part of it is in Europe, and part of it in Asia..
You will find there excellent restaurants, hotels, and really enjoy the sightseeing for which you need a month to visit all the beautiful places in this epic city..

Folklore festivals in Ankara
Folklore festivals in Poland Poland
Krakow 27–30.06.2019.

Folklore festivals in Poland

Beside the International folklore festivals in Barcelona, Prague and Rimini, we bet that the folklore festival in Krakow will be very soon the one of the most important traditional events organized by the Moonlight Events Organization.

Krakow is really beautiful city with harizma, old fashion, and have strong folklore tradition. If you do not go to the chapter “application form” now, you will do it for sure the next year. See you in Krakow!

Folklore festivals in Warsaw
Folklore festivals in The Czech Republic The Czech Republic
Prague 13-16.07.2018.

Folklore festivals in The Czech Republic

Well, in the beginning, when we was small and not famous organization, we lay the foundation of our organization here at the second place, right after the international folklore festival in Thessaloniki..

We liked the Prague a lot, and decided to continue our work here in Prague. From that time, we have the strong tradition of organizing of international folklore, choir and modern dance festivals here in Prague. The city is really awesome, beautiful indeed, not for nothing named “Golden city”, festival venue is breath taking, hotels are great, food as well, many sightseeing, people that comes from all around the world..

We found ourselves with our groups always extraordinary here..

Folklore festivals in Prague
Folklore festivals in Slovakia Slovakia
Bratislava 08–11.08.2019.

Folklore festivals in Slovakia

Bratislava is one of the rare cities that was founded so close to the borders of the other states, Austria, Hungary and Czech republic.

We need to mention that Slovak people are extremely polite, kind and lovely, they have awesome folklore groups that amaze the spectators with their performances. Slovaks really held for their tradition and not only of folklore dances, folklore songs and music, but also the tradition of splendid Naïve paintings on the glass..

Folklore festivals in Bratislava
Folklore festivals in Austria Austria

Folklore festivals in Austria

The heart of former Austro Hungarian empire, Vienna, the home of Vienna Philharmonic, where so many of most important artists as Mozart lived and worked, the stylish old city, noble and elegant, where you can feel in the air the aristocracy..

We invite you to join us on our folklore and choir events that we organize in this extraordinary city, but if you think that for the sightseeing will be enough 1-2 days, you` re wrong, there is so many places to visit, as Schonbrunn palace, Prater, Belvedere, Tiergarten, and endless museums, “gartens”, Cathedrals, etc..

So, prepare yourself and let`s started with the round trip of Vienna..

Folklore festivals in Vienna